25th – 27th May, 2018Crowne Plaza Hotel, Glasgow

Satellite 6

Science Fiction, Science Fact, Science Fun

with Guest of Honour:

Paul McAuley

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Satellite 6 is the latest in a series of science fiction conventions with a strong science element that have been running in Glasgow since 2007. Each event has a different theme: this time we celebrate the planet Venus. Come and join us for a fun-filled weekend of talks, panel discussions, workshops and games.

Recent News

Programme Highlights Announced!

Satellite 6 are pleased to announce that a summary of the programme is now available on the website.

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Satellite 6 Accomodation Suggestion

Looking for accommodation for Satellite 6 away from the boring routine of comfortable hotels, indoor toilets and hot breakfasts? Then why not try the Satellite 6 tent? This lightweight tent offers 3 bedrooms, weighs in at only 32 kg and has a handy fly-first pitching style. It can sleep up to 6 fans and, apparently, 4 ferrets according to the User Reviews. The DLX version even comes with an extended tunnel on the front. A must for the discerning SF fan who enjoys sleeping close to nature and doesn’t give a hoot for personal hygiene!

Added on 20/04/2018 16:51 by Michael

Unwanted Textbooks?

Still got your school, university or even nursery books? Looking to donate them to a good cause? Then bring them to Satellite 6!

We are collecting books on behalf of Books Abroad, an Aberdeen-based charity that sends books to schools in developing countries. They take good quality, used books for children and young adults, from pre-school to university level, focussing on technical or educational books. There will be a donation point At-Con and our good friend Alistair Stewart (a.k.a. Smurf) will deliver the books personally to the charity.

The books must be in good condition and contributions on rapidly-changing topics (IT, geography etc) must be < 10 years old.

We can accept:
• Secondary school and university textbooks
• General reference books e.g. dictionaries, encyclopaedias, recent world atlases
• Fiction and non-fiction for young children e.g. Ladybird books etc.
For full information on the range of books accepted, see the Book Abroad: Donate Page page

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Satellite 6 is brought to you with the help of our corporate sponsor, Shorelines of Infinity