25th – 27th May, 2018Crowne Plaza Hotel, Glasgow


Hidden Sun - not hidden soon!

Good News! Satellite 5 Guest of Honour Jaine Fenn has just announced a new book deal for her latest novel Hidden Sun. You can read more about it (and pre-order your copy) here. In an interesting twist, Jaine discusses the 5 genre-bending books that have inspired her. This illustrious list includes The Confluence Trilogy written by none other than Satellite 6 GoH Paul McAuley. Congratulations to Jaine and best wishes for success for your new book.

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Socks in Glasgow!

Those of you who laughed till you cried at the wonderful 'Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre' at Satellite 4 may be interested to know our knitted friends are appearing in Glasgow on the 14th and 15th of March in Dram! on Woodlands Road. More information and ticket sales can be found here

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Overflow Hotel

As the Crowne Plaza is full on the Thursday night (they still have rooms available on Friday/Saturday & Sunday nights) we have secured an allocation of rooms, for Thursday through Sunday nights, at the New Radisson Red - https://www.radissonred.com/glasgow/. Details of how to book will be on our web pages shortly. Room rates are £105 per night, room only, for single or double occupancy.

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Science Ceilidh

Do you like science? Do you like ceilidh dancing? Do you fancy combining the two? Satellite 6 is delighted to announce that The Science Ceilidh Band will be playing live on Friday 25th May 2018. Their set will feature a mixture of well-known traditional dances and dances specially created as part of the band's educational outreach programme to illustrate scientific processes. If you've never danced an 'Orcadian Strip the Helix' this is your chance!

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Drabble Competition - for Follycon Newsletter

The Satellite 6 Committee has been asked to run the Newsletter for Follycon this coming Easter. We intend to use this opportunity to educate discerning fans with information on the latest pScientific discoveries (e.g. perpetual motion machines, galactic travel by mushroom) and will publish a pScience column in the newsletter. To this end we are asking for submissions, the most amusing and/or outrageous of which we will publish in the newsletter. No time wasters please... unless you are announcing a new device powered by waste time.

Submission guidelines:

Entries should be in the form of a Drabble of exactly 100 words and a title of up to 15 additional words. For detals and examples, see: http://ansible.uk/writing/drabbles.html

Submissions should be emailed to pScience@Six.SatelliteX.org.uk

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