25th – 27th May, 2018Crowne Plaza Hotel, Glasgow

Who's Up for a Good Docking?

It has become a tradition to run some sort of silly competition as part of promoting the Satellite conventions. This time we've pulled out a fair number of the stops to bring you a timed "dock your capsule with the space station" game.

So far we've had one heat, at Innominate (Eastercon 2017): see the results below. We'll add to this leader board as each heat is run, and close it off after the finals at Satellite 6 itself.

David Damerell1:30InnominateHeat Winner
Matthew Smithers2:15InnominateAfter much diligent practice
Simon Furlong2:17Innominate 
Thomas Barnes2:20Innominate 
Mike Richards2:51Innominate 
Ian Jackson7:00Innominate 

Honourable Mentions

If one gets sufficiently flustered while attempting to dock, it is possible to run out of fuel and drift off forever into the silent void. In this special "wooden spoon" category are:

Matthew Smithers7:00InnominateHis second attempt

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