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Mars - never boring!

The wee Curiosity rover continues with big results on the Satellite 3 Planet-of-Honour. This time, it has
discovered the presence of boron on Mars' surface. Boron and borates are key components in making RNA - one of the building blocks of life.

Go Curiosity (but don't run over any cats!)

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Life begins at 40...

Tomorrow is the 40th anniversary of the launch of Voyager 1, the first man-made object to leave the Solar System and, of course, the Satellite 4 Spaceship-of-Honour. Currently it is still speaking to us from a distance of 13.0 million miles making it NASA's longest-lived and farthest mission. NASA is holding a special celebratory event at 17:30 UK time tomorrow which you can watch live on NASA TV.

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Congratulation from Satellite 6 to Dublin 2019, now confirmed as the 77th World Science Fiction Convention. We look forward to seeing everyone in beautiful Ireland in two years' time!

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Watch the skies (carefully!)

Can't afford to go to USA to view the total eclipse on the 21st August? Don't worry, if you are in Satellite Convention's home city of Glasgow you can get in on a very, very small bit if the action as there will be a partial eclipse visible near sunset. As you can see from the animation below, it is only the tiniest of bites out the sun - but worth a look none the less. And remember NEVER look at the sun directly! Use proper eclipse shades or approved solar telescope.

(click image to replay)

(Image courtesy The Astronomical Data Portal)

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Some like it hotter!

Think the surface of Venus, our planet-of-honour, might be a bit too cool (at 450°C). Then try getting away to KELT-9b whose surface temperature has just been announced as a balmy 4300°C. Get the skinny on the BBC or for more detail, read the article in Nature. Either way, if planning a trip be sure to pack your sunscreen!

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